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Session #1: Urban Planning
(with Jacob Leon, KTU+A Architects) Recording of Session #1

Session #2: Civil Engineering
(with Danny Cohen, JC Baldwin Construction) Recording of Session #2

Session #3: Architecture
(with Kirsten Blakeman, Studio E Architects & Erick Moden, Gensler) Recording of Session #3

Session #4: Structural Engineering
(with Lianne Bell, Patterson Engineering & Darin Aveyard, Reid Middleton) Recording of Session #4

Session #5: Construction Management
(with Miles Anderson, Turner Construction) Recording of Session #5

Session #6: Landscape Architecture
(with Laura Handschmacher and Jesus Alan Figueroa, Schmidt Design Group) Recording of Session #6

Session #7: Mechanical Engineering
(with Heather Schopplein, UMEC and Paul McParlane, McParlane & Associates) Recording of Session #7

Session #8: Electrical Engineering
(with Bryan Wayne, H+W Engineering and Andy Lawrence, Dynalectric) Recording of Session #8

Session #9: Construction Jobsite Tour
(with Pete Spiegel, HenselPhelps Construction) Recording of Session#9
Session #10: Redevelopment of Seaport Village
(withYehudi 'Gaf' Gaffen, Gafcon Inc.) Recording of Session#10
Session #11: San Diego Colleges Spotlight
(with Lelli Van Den Einde, UCSD & Marit Bessesen, COSMOS & Panagiotis Mitropoulos, SDSU & Robert Wong, Mesa College
& Janet Asuncion, Woodbury & Michele Christopher, NewSchool) Recording of Session#11 

2020 Scholarship Awards Video

The 2020 CMiC Allen Berg Memorial Scholarship Video

News article about thirteen Helix High School students were awarded with a total of $18,000 in college scholarship money.