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The ACE Mentor Program is an after-school program designed to motivate high school students toward architecture, construction management, and construction related engineering careers. Since 1995, ACE has been opening students’ minds to the possibilities available to them in these careers by engaging them in year-long design projects with professional architects, construction managers, and engineers. By working with the mentors at their offices and in the classroom, students are able to see and experience first-hand the world of the building design and construction professional.

At the ACE Mentor Program, we continually strive to increase opportunities for students to pursue education and careers in the fields of architecture, construction management, and construction related engineering.

The ACE Mentor Program wants to see all students succeed in achieving their goals. We are excited to offer individual scholarships this year to eligible Juniors & Seniors planning to pursue college majors related to architecture, construction management, or construction related engineering.

The NewSchool of Architecture will award 2 scholarships to enroll and study Architecture or Construction Management. To be eligible to receive a NewSchool scholarship, students must complete a NewSchool college application before March 9 to be considered for a NewSchool of Architecture and Design scholarship.

Scholarship recipients must be full-time undergraduate students in good academic standing enrolled in ACE-related majors including: Architectural Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Trades (vocational), Drafting, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Interior Design, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Urban Planning. or related fields as approved by the Scholarship Committee

The scholarship funds will be disbursed directly to the student when all requirements have been met.

All funds must be used within the five (5) year time period following the date of the recipient’s graduation from high school. Upon the expiration of the time period, any unused scholarship funds will no longer be available to the scholarship recipient.


Candidates for the ACE Mentor Program’s Scholarship Program must participate for at least one entire year (Spring/Fall) in the ACE Mentor Program and, must have registered at to be eligible AND Plan to enroll full-time in an undergraduate major related to architecture, construction management, or construction-related engineering or related fields as approved by the Scholarship Committee

Application Package:

ACE Mentor San Diego will send a link to Juniors and Seniors in early February 2019 to complete their scholarship application online by March 21, 2019.

The Scholarship Committee prefers that all applications be electronically submitted online here:

Apply Now

Eligible candidates must submit all of the following materials:

  • Online application and two 500-word essays from the four topics listed via online link

  • Two recommendations: One from your Team Leader and another from a Teacher or Counselor that is familiar with their talents and interests in architecture, construction management, or engineering.

  • An official academic transcript

This application should be used to enter your school information and draft your essays in advance to copy and upload them to the online application.

The application also contains Teacher/ Counselor and Employer Recommendation Forms to be printed and distributed early to get recommendations to your Team Leader by March 7, 2019.

The student is responsible for submitting the complete application package to their Team Leaders by 5:00 pm, Thursday, March 21, 2019 - no exceptions.

The Team Leader will forward complete scholarship application packages for all their students by March 21, 2019 to:


[email protected]

Laurence Phillips / Attn: ACE Scholarship Committee
12544 High Bluff Dr, Ste 300
San Diego, CA 92130

Selection Criteria:

The Scholarship Committee of the ACE Mentor Program will evaluate all applications and consider each student’s participation in the ACE Mentor Program; demonstrated interest in careers related to architecture, construction management, or construction related engineering; recommendations by their teacher or guidance counselor and Team Leader; and academic performance and difficulty of coursework. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Scholarship awards program scheduled for Saturday, May 19, 2018. at SDSU Montezuma Hall.

List must be completely submitted with forms.

  • Student scholarship online application completed.

    • Students MUST be registered and have a Parent Consent Form on file or you will not be qualified to apply for a scholarship.

  • Student Essays – Two essays of four subjects listed in Section D. (completed online)

  • Teacher or counselor recommendation attached – Section E

    • (Give the recommendation to your Team Leader by March 7, 2019)

  • Employer Recommendation (optional) attached – Section E

    • (Give the recommendation to your Team Leader by March 7, 2019)

  • School Transcript– Section F

    • (Give the Transcript to your Team Leader by March 7, 2019)